Monday, February 15, 2010

2 posts in one week!

Well, Megan and I need to talk about the future of this blog! (Right Megan?) It sounds like we have a few people interested in keeping up with us:) I just thought I would throw a random topic out there for some discussion. Please leave a comment and join in! 

The topic is New Years Resolutions. The realistic kind that you'll actually try your hardest to stick to. All of us have said "I'm going to exercise more this year" or "I'm going to eat better this year" but how many of us actually stick with that past February? Not many. SO, I'm talking about the resolutions that you will stick to. I will start. 

We are in the process of trying to sell our house. We are going to rent for a couple years so as I'm packing up my house, I'm keeping that in mind. I'm reminding myself that in probably 2 years, we will be moving again. So as I'm thinking through that, I'm thinking about what our family of 5 actually NEEDS for the next two years and what can just stay boxed up for a while. Basically, trying to live on less, simplify things. It's been a very nice feeling. Even just opening our kitchen cabinet and finding 6 mugs instead of 20 mugs or packing away a lot of the extra toys that my kids rarely touch and realizing that they can still have fun with a lot less stuff. So, my resolution is to continue to simplify as we move and even when we do get settled to stay more organized and more clutter free. For this OCD type mom, it's a GREAT feeling!! (and makes cleaning at the end of the day a LOT faster:)

So...what's yours??


Megan said...

I didn't make any resolutions in January this year. January felt very overwhelming with a few different jobs I was taking on and so I knew that if I piled resolutions on top I was setting myself up for failure. All that said, I did make a resolution in February - the typical kind namely "lose the Christmas weight". More than anything, I just want to get back to paying attention to what I eat, and being thoughtful about what I put in my body. My February goal in numbers is to lose 5 pounds, 3 of which I already lost! HOORAY! It's been great to be back to exercising at the gym, and even more importantly exercising self control.

Faith said... are the acception to the rule! You are the one person I know that really will stick to a resolution. That dessert thing impressed me so much.

Shellee said...

I love the new look of the blog, very cute! I didn't make any resolutions for this year, but I can think of a few things that need attention. One being that we need to convert the office/War Room into a baby's room. Maybe we'll make a deadline to actually get it done....before the baby is here. ;-)

Rob, Jen and Robby said...

Hello all...I spotted the new posts. I didn't really make any new years resolutions, but I did just recently join Weight Watchers. I have done it in the past, but never paid and went to mtgs. I am very excited to see what this adventure will do for me. My first mtg was like it was written for me. Putting yourself first...taking care of yourself before running errands, cleaning, etc. Of course you can't put yourself in front of your children, but some trivial things can wait. Anyways we are cruising to the Carribbean in November so I needed a kick in the booty and some accountability! Sorry this is so long...wish me luck and nice to see you are back.

Jenne said...

Daily Bible reading is my goal. I got a good tool (off Megan's personal blog) that puts me in three parts of the Bible every day. By Dec 31, 2010 I will have read the OT once, and the NT and Psalms twice.

So far so GREAT!

Lauren said...

I blogged about my goal, but I'll put it on here too. This year I decided to give each much a theme, then spend as much time as I feel I can each month honoring that theme. So far, January went really well, and February has backfired, but in a good way. My idea for February was to spread as much love as I can to all those that are important to me. Well with 2 jobs and school I haven't had much time to go out of my way and spread love. Instead, people have been showing me all kinds of love. So, my month is still all about love, but instead of me spreading it, I'm receiving it, and that's a good lesson to learn too! xoxo!

sheri Bowers said...

I just found your blog and I love your questions! I realize it is April and New years resolutions are probably something of the past for some however I cannot stress how important jounaling is. You may feel it is a waist of time however your children will appreciate it so much when you are no longer around to share with their children, grand children and so on. I am a firm believer that one day when rapture happens, when we are in heaven with our Lord all the bibles will be distroyed and your journal entries will bring someone to know the Lord during the times of tribulation. I will be the first to tell you that I am the worst for setting new years resolutions and the worst for follow through, however 2009 New Years reolution was to keep a journal. I bought a calandar that was like a book. Each day it had a paragraph to write in. Every day I wrote something. If I didn't know what to put down I talked about the weather or prices at the grocery store, how much gas cost, just something. I am happy to say that I actually DID follow through with this and I am contining on. I couldn't wait to go buy another jounal for 2010. It is funny because there are times I need to find something that I wrote about in 2009 and they are details that I have long forgotten but I read what I put and it brings it back to my memory. I encourage everyone -- if you didn't set a new years resolution -- start now! Pick up a calandar and document your life and kids life. They will thank you for it!