Wednesday, December 24, 2008

By request, I blog :)

I received this email from my sister today, 

"I think we could all use the opportunity to think about our snowy thorns and turn them into roses… I have a couple I could add…"

And since she is one of our most faithful readers, I will oblige :)  

Here in Oregon we are experiencing an "Arctic Freeze".  The weather is much colder than normal, and we are experiencing more snow than we have in a LONG time.  Most of us are well prepared for rain, and for a light snow that melts away with the next day's rain, but this heavy long-lasting snow has been quite a challenge.  Stuck at home, losing electricity, cold blistery wind making it hard to play outside sometimes, etc.  But it is BEAUTIFUL.  Agree?

This is a view out my front door where a snow drift has taken over!  That's about 4 feet of snow!

Here's my rose, thorn, rose, thorn, rose, thorn...
Eric missed a lot of work.  The store he works at has been closing early, opening late, and canceling shifts.  Plus, Eric couldn't even make it out of the garage let alone to work one day (until we borrowed a snow shovel).  This was nice (rose) because we got to spend a lot of time together, playing in the snow, sitting by the fire, reading, playing games.  But it was hard (thorn) because our budget is so tight.  Missing days of work is tough.  Thankfully (another rose) Eric picked up an entire extra 8 hour shift for today and another 2 extra hours so we almost broke even as far as missing work goes.  We will be okay :)  Another thorn has been all the canceled parties!  Faith, I know you can weigh in on this one!  But, the rose is a forced relaxed holiday.  Relaxed because we are STUCK!  Can't run errands, can't go to parties, can't go to events.  Being home so much has also forced me to be more creative and have a better flow to the day for the kids so that I don't go stir crazy!  I could go on and on but I will stop and let all of you share.  

And sister, I am expecting at least three comments from you :)