Monday, October 6, 2008


We are going to take a little break from sharing our thorns and roses with each other.  Yep, it's always exciting and new here at Choose to Bloom!  You gotta keep coming back cuz you never know what great thing you will find ;)

This week, we want to hear some of your favorite October memories.  When I think of my favorite memories and family traditions, I am encouraged to make similar memories with my family and kids.  So share!  
What are some of your favorite memories of October?!

Here's mine...
I always loved the church fall festivals.  I remember going to St. Paul Lutheran church when I was a kid for a harvest dinner.  We all dressed up and everyone brought soup and salad.  
There was barrel to dip your face in to retrieve a prized apple, a pinata (yes, someone got hit in the head with the pinata stick), and lots of candy!  It was such a fun way to celebrate fall together.


Shellee said...

I have many great memories of walking down our street (when the bus dropped us off) in the foggy mist and coming into the house with a fire in the fireplace and my mom making a pie, or bread, or something delicious!! She always made our house so warm and cozy. We're making new memories by going to the Hood River Festival, and Liepold's Farms, and having fires (now that Renee is old enough to stay away from it), and now I'm making pies, and bread......I love this time of year!

Jenne said...

Megan, you took mine!

Faith said...

We were never allowed to trick or treat as kids (I didn't trick or treat until high then my friends were over it but I was loving it:) so we always went to the Harvest parties either at Good Shepherd or at Skate World (oh ya!) and they were really fun. I also agree with Shellee on the baking thing, our house always smelled edible. mom was always cooking soups, baking pies, yum.