Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dear Mom, Thank You...

I have to share with you a very encouraging blog post that I read a few weeks ago. It was written by a lovely young lady named Ellie. She is in her early teens and seems to have wisdom and understanding far beyond her years. She has a beautiful family who love and serve God together. I don't know the family very well but from what I see, I want to follow and learn to love they way they do.

I was extremely encouraged by Ellie's post, and hope you are too. She wrote this to her mom for Mother's Day last year. I hope that my daughters can say this of me someday, especially the last thing on Ellie's list.

Dear Mom, Thank You...

...for giving me birth.

...for marrying the most amazing guy and awesome dad.

...for providing me with a wonderful education these past seven years.

...for always being available for hugs.

...for letting me cry when math got hard.

...for being an example of what a godly woman and wife should be.

...for giving me the two best sisters.

...for teaching me about my Heavenly Father.

...for letting me sit in your lap and snuggle, even though it's not the most comfortable thing to do.

...for the discipline you have given me (and will continue to give).

...for being a wonderful homemaker.

...for making me do things I didn't want to do (such as Mrs. Barrett's writing class), but have taught me so much. You know what I need even when I don't.

...for the small things that show me you care. Driving me places, teaching me how to cook and sew, the shoes you bought me as a surprise.

...for the tuck-ins every night.

...for the times you stayed up with me until 3:00 am, because I couldn't go to sleep.

...for the weeks you let me sleep in your room because of my anxiety.

...for making me sleep in my own room with Dad, to get over my anxiety. : )

...for making potatoes for dinner.

...for all the encouragement you have given and still give me.

...for every day letting me know I'm loved.

...for being willing to take a Basque student three years ago. That sudden decision you and Dad made has been one of the best.

...for providing me with the opportunity to play violin.

...for the girl talks.

...for introducing me to many wonderful books.

...for just putting up with me for 14 years!

...for being fun to be around. You are the coolest mom.

...for working hard to be a mom. Even though it's what you want to do, I know it's not always easy.

You are amazing. I love you so much. Happy Mother's Day.

Pretty cool huh.  It's the everyday stuff that really matters. 


Jenne said...

Ellie, you are top-notch. This post is just as beautiful second time around!