Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is probably a really obvious thing that you all do but just in case, I thought I would share this quick, yummy tip.

Make your own croutons! It is so easy and so worth it. Homemade croutons are SOOO much better than store bought.

Over a period of weeks I put the ends of my bread loaves (ya know at the end when it gets a little stale?) in the freezer and after I have about 10-15 pieces of bread I take them out of the freezer, cut them into cubes, (whatever size you want) spread them on a baking sheet and drizzle olive oil over them, mixing them around to distribute the oil then sprinkle any herbs or spices that you want. My favorite is simply garlic salt and dried basil. Mix them around and bake them at about 275/285 degrees. It usually takes about 25-30 minutes depending on how many you have made. I just check them every once in a while and bake them until they are chewy to crispy. Put them in an air tight container and store in your fridge. They last forever and they are so yummy!!!!

If you do make croutons, share the things you put on them! Hope you all try this if you haven't already!


Jenne said...

i have a crouton-loving husband but i never buy them. i really should give this a whirl!

Ginger@chirgies said...

Thanks Faith! I've never even heard of making your own croutons... but how easy is that?? I will try this!

Megan said...

I just needed croutons last night and I thought to myself, 'these are easy to make, why don't I know how?' So, now I do, thanks!

Heidi said...

I have made them with bagels, it's a different texture, but I like them. Also, I like to use butter and Johnny's seasonings. Probally not so healthy, but so yummy. I actually put them in a bowl to toss before I put them on the baking sheet, I make less mess and it coats the bread pretty evenly then.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so I'm glad you posted this b/c I'm making my own croutons now, but didn't realize I could store them in the fridge (duh!) so I've been making them each time and it's getting a little old, so thanks for the tip! Oh, yeah, I usually bake them at a much higher temp (like 375-400) for a shorter time. But then I often burn them and set off the smoke alarm so I'll try turning it down a bit!