Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Closet organization

This is a little bit embarrassing.  This is my everything closet, the one that holds a wide variety of things, plus stores the stuff I need a temporary home for.  It is always a disaster.  

So a few weeks ago I tackled it and, well, wow.  It made such a huge difference.  The biggest change was the amount of extra space made to, well let's be honest, store more stuff.

I did some purging, some re-organizing, and some re-homing (if that is a word).

So, here's the before...
AHHHHH!  And to be honest, it was even a little messier than that.  I had already organized the floor before taking the picture.  When we moved in, the previous owners left the extra floorboards from the bathroom remodel right here in the closet on the floor.  For three years I left it there thinking 
1. that it needed to be inside
2. that maybe I would clean that up another day
3. where else can I store it?  

But I found a new home for the flooring, and opened up an entire new space for indoor storage. 

Here's the finished product.  It still isn't perfect, I would love some more storage compartments and such, but for now I am really happy with the results.  I can now store the diaper bag and my purse in there, which is a much better place for it than the kitchen floor where Elsie promptly empties them.  
Sigh, happiness.


Faith said...

great job Megan! That is such a nice feeling. I still have a lot of organizing to do in my house:)

Alison said...

It's funny that I'm reading this post as I try to find ways to avoid cleaning out our medicine cabinet. I guess I should stop stalling and get to it. Thanks for the motivation!

Shellee said...

Will come do my closets? I've actually been asking for photo albums for my birthday (which is tomorrow) so I can empty the 2 large containers FULL of photos from child hood on up until we went digital! I'm hoping to get them out of Renee's closet and into albums so I can use those containers for.....something else to store! ;-)

Alison Mayes said...

Great organization! I need to get motivated and organize my closet! ahh!