Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blessings from Above

I praise God for the way He cares for me and takes care of me.  As I trust Him and walk toward Him in faith He cares for my every need.  

God has shown me over and over that He will take care of me and my family.  Spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  Whether by providing food, a friend, a good conversation, or some quiet time with Him and an eternal perspective.  He does provide.

Recently a huge burden was taken off our shoulders.  For a few months we will not have to worry about our student loan payments because of the generosity of people that love God and love us.  I'm so thankful for their generosity, and for the Lord's provision.  God is so good, over and over He shows how much He cares.  When I sit down and think about the ways He has provided and cared for me, I can make a very long list!

Does anyone else want to share a way that God has provided recently or in the past?  Whether it was financial, friendship, guidance, etc.  

(Faith, thanks for sharing on your personal blog ways that God has recently provided for you. It made me stop and think through the ways He is providing for my family as well!)


keely steger said...

Ah, student loans. The bane of our existence. And one that will be part of our existence for many, many years to come. Last month, (and for months to come) with midwife bills to pay, we thought we were going to have to apply for a forebearance on our student loans, saving us that burden for now, but ultimately costing us even more money with interest. Instead, at the end of the month we found ourselves with enough money to make the payment, having already paid for the midwife and even setting some aside for savings! God truly does provide.