Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Challenge

The challenge:  Make 'it' a challenge.

What do I mean?  Well, the challenge this week(end) is to take something hard in your life and turn it around.  Try to look at it differently and make it a challenge to conquer if possible.  I recently have done this with our grocery budget, and I am having a blast. 

Our grocery budget has been pretty small for a long time.  It often  frustrated me and felt like a burden to be carried.  But recently I was inspired to change my outlook on it.  Instead of viewing it as a burden, I now see it as a challenge!  I am using my brains and working hard to figure out all kinds of ways to save my family money, to spend less and less each week on groceries (while still eating healthy), and become a better home economist.  This week I am making a meal planning menu with no meat, only beans.  I found the idea here and am excited to try new recipes and shrink my grocery budget even more by cooking up lots of dry beans.  

Is there something in your life that feels like a burden?  Is it your debt?  Make it a challenge to take on no more debt and to get rid of the debt weighing heavily on your shoulders.  Is it a child who causes a lot of trouble all day long?  Make it a challenge to channel his/her energy into creative and constructive outlets.  Is it your messy house?  Set a timer during nap time for 20 minutes and see how much cleaning you can get done in that short amount of time.  

How are you going to conquer the challenge in your life?  I'd love to hear about it!


Jenne said...

I am lamenting the fact that my oldest son is gone ALL DAY in first grade and i now have fewer hours with him to do the things we must do and the things we want to do (like homework, scripture memory, bible quiet time, chores). We had previously done these things in the morning or right after lunch so this new schedule is causing me to re-think how the afternoons need to look (previouly it was mostly free play time for the boys, while I got dinner prep and housework done).

So I am purposing to make our afternoons more purposeful! Dinner prep needs to be in the early afternoon hours, as does some individual time with the younger two kiddos.

Hummmm, what else can I do to improve this situation? More to come (on my blog, likely)...