Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Challenge

I know that Faith and I are always very encouraged by your comments.  I love them all - ones that are from friends, from strangers, from strange friends...  

Anyways, the challenge this weekend is to comment on every blog you visit!  Be encouraging, be funny, comment short, comment long, just comment!  

I want to be better at commenting on every blog I read.  It only takes a moment and in a way it keeps me accountable (meaning I don't want to be on the internet too much so if you see my comments everywhere, confront me!  Tell me to get off the computer and to start paying attention to my kids!  Just kidding, I do most all my inter-netting at night.)  Anyways, that's the weekend challenge, if you choose to accept it.  

You can start by leaving a comment right here.  Look to your immediate left and tell us what you see.  That's easy enough, huh!

(I see a picture that my daughter drew of her daddy.  It is taped to the computer cabinet door.  She drew him in green, with huge eyes, a long mouth, and no legs.  It was one of her first stick figure drawings and he taped it up right away.  I guess I could just show you the picture...)

(She always asks me to accessorize her stick figures. 
Here I added the eye balls, the hair and Blazers hat)


keely steger said...

i'm up at 6:45 on a saturday morning, enjoying my "blog rounds," waiting for the sun to rise (may be too cloudy to see today) and feeling my baby kick inside me. today is date day and i'm excited. it's off to a good start!

Faith said...

Cute Megan. Hmm..what do I see to my left? It's boring..I see my messy dining room and kitchen. wow. that was profound right? Have a good date Keely!

Jenne said...

Immediate left: an empty cereal bowl and a week's worth of first grade school work.

Also to my left: An empty bowl of popcorn, and my two big boys, eating yogurt with Kix on top. Neither one wore shirts to bed last night so their bare chests are showing... they both have the beginning of a six-pack. My pregnant belly is a bit jealous.

Diane said...

To my left......a box of tissue and a container of blank DVD discs.

I really like your idea of leaving a comment on blogs. I love reading comments on my blog, gets kind of lonely without them. :(
By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog, it has so many useful ideas. :-)

Bronwyn said...

To my left...two monitors- one showing no string of lights...just silent. The other- showing quiet time for my 3 year old with lights jumping all over the place. Nevertheless, it's peaceful downstairs. (grin)

Great picture of you two!

Amy Woodard said... my left:
A pen cup with pens and a white silk gerber daisy, behind it a great article called, "motherhood guilt" from GS's Mom to Mom stuck in a to be gotten to organizer and a cute black lamp with a red lamp shade. Thanks for the challenge! And thanks for the recipe, Faith! I'm looking forward to trying it. I just bought a ham the other day, cubed it, sliced it and froze it...I'll try it soon! Thanks!

Jon and Erin said...

To my left is a counter filled with veggies from the garden that I just picked and now need to go put away. Also, a yummy b-day cake my mom made for my man and I. I should snack on something else. Maybe veggies.

Alison said...

To my left: my wonderful husband laying on the couch reading a book. I'm off to do the same!

crftymama3 said...

What a great idea. Thanks for the challenge idea. Both to keep me interacting with those I read regularly & new too... along with the thought of it keeping me from jumping from blog to blog and not spending time with the kiddos. So darn easy to do in this age of blogging. :)
A friend sent me to your blog, cause she thinks your thoughts are pretty good. She was right! Thanks for blogging.

Sara said...

Ok, you said look to my left, I looked at your picture, and thought it was funny that you wanted a comment on your picture! HA!! To my left, my backdoor, open with finally a cool breeze coming in the screen (it's been so hot!!) with the bigger of the two little girls running around with the dog and a soccer ball!
Love this blog-I found it from your's Megan! I guess I better go comment on your blog too! :)

Wilson Family said...

To my immediate left is my gassy baby in my arms- she just can't seem to fall asleep tonight! I knew I shouldn't have added that onion to my tuna at lunch today!! =(