Monday, September 29, 2008

Roses & Thorns

Thorn: Bryan starts his 3rd job this week.

Rose: 1. This is hopefully the beginning of the end of working so many jobs. 2. It's a constant reminder of how very proud I am of Bryan for working so hard. 3. It's really only about 9/10 hours more than he has been working the last few months, so not much of a difference. 4. It gives me so much time to invest in my kid's lives!

What are you dreading this week??


Megan said...

Yikes, a third job is tough. Eric did that for a little while and it isn't easy. But like you said, it is hopefully the beginning of the end!

My thorn is a very busy week. But the rose is that it is busy with fun things and important stuff!

Alison said...

My thorn is that I'm doing a marathon this weekend. Yikes!

The rose is that I am doing it to help raise money for my sister and brother in law's adoption of my nephew from Ethiopia!

Jon and Erin said...

My thorn...being up with Noah a lot last night and now being tired

the rose is that I have a boy to care for!