Monday, September 22, 2008

Roses or Thorns

The thing I am dreading this week is actually happening today! Luke has his 1 year check up and so far in his life, the doctor's office hasn't been the happiest place for us so I get really anxious every time we have to go. Peyton was always so healthy and had the easiest appointments, shots weren't fun but she was always fine after about 20 seconds. With Luke it is a little different.

The positive side of this is that once it's over, we won't have to go again (Lord willing) until I think 18 months?! And, I get to ask a couple questions about his food allergies that I have been wanting to ask for a while now.

What are you dreading this week and what is the positive side of it??


Megan said...

I was NOT looking forward to waking up this morning. But I did it, and now I want to have a good day and not be grumpy even though I am so tired. I haven't been sleeping well lately so I have been taking Tylenol PM. It helps me sleep well but then in the morning I feel really tired. Anyways, I guess the thorn was waking up each morning, and the rose is that each day is another opportunity to follow God, trust Him, love on my kids and husband, and enjoy each moment I have.

Jenne said...

my thorn: a test ryan will take on wednesday to see if his cancer has returned

my rose: knowing what the next three months holds.

Alison said...

First off, Jenne, I have prayed for you and Ryan today and I will continue to pray for you guys over the next couple of days.

Okay, here's mine:
Thorn: being in the kitchen all day tomorrow, canning 50 lbs of apples (applesauce) and 30 lbs of pears.

Rose: Homemade applesauce during the winter months and delicious pears too!

Sara said...

thorn- Brian being gone all this week at a trade show in Vegas, so me at home alone with the 2 girls

rose--I'm looking forward to getting some crafty stuff done in the evenings that I don't normally do!! Maybe even read a book--gasp! (grin!)

keely steger said...

Thorn: Having to thoroughly clean the house this week; not being able to just squeak by and keep it livable for the 3 of us.

Rose: A clean house to live in (for a while) and a houseful of women from the church celebrating with Della at her baby shower!