Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Homemaker Tip-Organization

I was inspired by Martha Stewart's website to do some organization posts. So, I will be using pictures from her website (because they are so simple and pretty like all things Martha) but adapting them to things I am doing in my own home or hope to do in my home some day.

This week we will start with organizing your kitchen. If you are anything like me you lack the space you need to fit all the necessary kitchen items along with all of those cups, plates, bowls and silverware for your kids! There is never enough space and it's hard to know how best to arrange everything. Sometimes the most simple changes end up making the biggest difference.

This is such a simple concept. Put your dish washing soap in a pretty glass container like one of these (we bought one at Bed, Bath & Beyond) and then you don't have to shove it under your sink making it hard to find each time you need it. It's so pretty that you leave it out for all to see which makes it convenient to use each day.
I recently did this. I took all of my small baking ingredients (baking powder, soda, vanilla, cocoa, cream of tartar, etc.) and put them in a wire basket that Bryan had in the garage (or use a pretty Martha type tray like this one). That way, every time you go to bake anything you know right where all of your ingredients are and you just slide the whole tray off of the shelf. The lip on this one is nice because it will catch any spills!

I really like this idea but I have no where to put it:) If you have a lack of cabinet space and some extra wall space, this is perfect for you. Hang a handrail and get some "s" hooks and you can hang your pots, pans, colander and anything else..even large utensils would be great!
I love this idea.

This is a cool idea for the lids to your pots and pans. I am always digging for mine! Put a wooden peg rack and set it in one of your cabinets arranging your lids smallest to largest right there next to your pots and pans. So simple but so helpful.
I really like this idea and I'm going to keep my eye out for some cute, cheap trays! Arrange them around your sink for storing sponges and soaps. This keeps everything out of your sink and right there when you need them! You may even have some old soap trays or other trays around that will work.
I hope some of these have inspired you the way they have inspired me! Next week's room...the BATHROOM! Stay tuned


Pennies In My Pocket said...

I have my dish soap in an oil jar and everyone who comes by LOVES it! I saw it on Martha years ago. I love the ideas of the pots on the wall, too...I have no space for it or else I'd go for it!

Great tips!! THANKS!


Megan said...

Very cute ideas. I really could use a peg rack for my lids! I may need to get creative and make my own...
And I also love the little tray for baking supplies. That will work perfect in my cupboards, thanks!!

Alison said...

I know you are both going to laugh at me, but....they have those lid racks at Ikea....and actually, I'm pretty sure they've got all that stuff. If you need help, I could probably direct you to their exact location in the store. :)