Thursday, September 11, 2008


A post from fellow blogger Allison McKenney...

"The glass is either half full, or half empty."

Heard it a million times.

Macy's glass is full to the rim, and thankfully, her fullness runs over to me sometimes.


Half empty: summer's OVER as in bye-bye summer... won't see you again for many, many long months...sob...sob...

Half full: technically, it's STILL summer...technically. And besides, the sun is shining, we're warm...

I'm totally taking advantage of the last week and a 1/2 of summer. When Ava's taking her afternoon nap, Macy and I take books galore and a blanket outside in the backyard and read until Ava wakes up. Macy is fully capable of reading the books to herself, but I'm reading them to her, and she corrects me if I make an error - just love that! Ha! I am so thankful for this precious time with my sweet girl.

Today, my glass is definitely half full. Thank-you, Macy.

Note from Faith: I just thought this was such a sweet story of a mother's pure love for her eldest daughter that is growing up before her eyes. A sweet reminder to stop and spend intentional time with our kids. I was encouraged by it, I hope you were as well. Thank you Allison for letting me share!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Amen to that! We need to make sure all of our glasses are half full (and overflowing) all the time! :)


Megan said...

It is always good to be reminded to spend intentional time with our kids. THe last thing that I want is to miss those special moments because I am too busy or sad that summer is over, or too tired of the whining...etc. Thanks Allison!