Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here you go Shellee!

Shellee has challenged me to decorate two areas in her home through pictures only so here are some thoughts...See her blog for the pictures and challenge.

This is tricky because 1. I have never been to your house to see what the rest of the rooms are like which is really how I love to decorate, I try to integrate every room. and 2. I don't know what kind of decor you have in your home that could possibly go in these spots you are asking about. But regardless of these things, I will give you my ideas and you can go with it:) That's why it's a challenge right??!

Okay. For the are my thoughts.

1. You could stick with pictures, but I would do a darker wood frame or black frames. I think the contrast to the white fireplace would make the frames and pictures stand out more. I would probably frame abstract black and white pictures. (have your niece take some of Renee)

(this is what I mean by abstract..that wasn't the best word to describe what I meant! I just love close up shots of kids! These are hanging in my living sister in law took them)

2. I think it would be really cool to put some crown molding under the cubbies to look like shelves. Make sense? I don't know if you can hang anything on it, because I don't know what it's made of (if Adam can rip out that tree stump, he could probably figure something out) but if you could, I think that could look cool. It would give the illusion of a shelf! You could even hang an actual shelf that just wasn't very deep. Make sense? click here for more info. (don't decorate your shelves the way they show you to in the last picture...not good:)

3. I would stick with black or dark frames all around the fireplace. The pic of Renee is adorable, if you framed it in a darker frame and then got a couple more, I would arrange them on either end of the harth in the widest part.

(Sorry, this is really hard to describe in writing)

4. I really like the screens, those look very nice!

Okay, so the bookcase. This is challenging because again, I'm not seeing it in person but here's what I would do.

(It's a nice bookcase by the way) I would keep it simple. I think bookcases can look cluttered very easily. I would pick only a few colors as far as the accessories go and stick with that. I would get together a few frames, a couple candles or vases and some small potted flowers or plants. (fake or real) I would arrange a few of the shelves with these things in a very simple way. Don't arrange these things in a straight row across the shelves. Put a frame and candle in a corner and then a potted plant in the other you know what I mean? Be creative with it. I would save one or two shelves (depending on how many books you have) and arrange some books on them. Again, not putting them in a straight row. You can divide books by size, color, style, etc. or you can just put them in randomly. I like to line up about 5-8 books (depending on size) vertically, then about 8 books horizontally stacked next to the vertical books. On the other end of that you can put a frame or plant.

As far as the top of the bookcase goes, I would keep the decor to a minimum, I would only put a few things on top. Here are some pics of the tops of some of my furniture. Hopefully they will give you an idea of what I mean.

1.bookcase 2. TV armoire 3. end tableNow, if you like any of my ideas, (remember these are just suggestions..I won't be offended if you don't like them!!) and you decide to change anything, post pictures so I can see! Good Luck, let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for the challenge Shellee!!


Shellee said...

Yay! Those are actually GREAT ideas! As far as hanging things on the fireplace, we can't do that, if we were to stick a nail in it, it would ruin it. But, the idea of hanging a shelf (or in my mind, kinda' setting it up on the existing shelf with some kind of removable adhesive) is a good idea. Also, when I was looking at the pictures I too noticed it would look much better with darker frames anywhere near the fireplace. The two lighter frames are from the dollar tree, my bro-in-law printed a couple of pics of Renee and framed them for Christmas last year. I think I'll go to Kohl's and get some new frames......Kohl's has really nice frames for really cheap if anyone is interested! Black and white pictures sound really pretty too, I've always been partial to color, but I'll try it and see what happens.....I don't know if they'll be abstract, probably just pics of Squirrely, but I'll try it. Oh, and that's a great idea to have my niece take pics, she's so awesome and it would be cheap too!

As for the bookcase.....that is such a great idea to actually put books in it! Duh! ;-) As I was reading your suggestions, I thought I could put photo albums in it! Then I could get all my photos out of Renee's closet and INTO some albums. I do have my wedding albums on the piano, but it would be great to free up the space on my totally cluttered piano! Great idea! And I love the idea of setting the books vertically and horizontally, I love the way that looks but never think to try it! Seriously, I'm HORRIBLE at decorating! I also really like the idea of small potted plants.....I only have that one ivy thing at the top of the shelf, plus a couple others in my kitchen cats like to destroy plants! I had a 30 year old Jade plant, that was beautiful, given to us as a gift.....well, the cats killed it, ugh! So, great idea to keep the plants safe from the kitties. Also, I can always store the candles and such.....then rotate them everyone once in a while so they're all displayed at some point. I really love my red candles and vases, but it does look really cluttered to have them all in there together.

Just checked out the link on the crown molding, that would be beautiful! Do you think it should be the same color as the fireplace, or darker? Or should I stain it to match the pine furniture? And, that picture with the owl is hilarious!

Thanks again Faith, these are awesome suggestions! Maybe I should make a virtual tour of my house so you can do the whole thing! Ha ha! Actually, I think I would be too embarassed to show you my awful decor as it is. Maybe....someday...I could hire you to come over and decorate my house! That would be fun! ;-)

Faith said...

Ya, I figured you wouldn't be able to hang anything on the fireplace. Hmm...I'm wondering how else you could? I bet there is a very strong removable adhesive out there.

I too was thinking about photo albums, great way to store them but have them close by to look at!

As far as the molding goes. I think doing pine to go with your furniture would work or you could even do black. That would look really sharp with the screen and if you do black frames in the cubbies. I don't think you would want to do white because it wouldn't stand out against the fireplace.

Glad you liked some of my ideas!

Shellee said...

Oh, I see! Those are really cool (*ahem, abstract) pictures of the kids. Good idea! ;-) And, I think staining the shelf to match the pine would be good too. I love blach frames.....but everything in my living room is more earthy toned (and it's ok, like you said you don't know what the rest of the room looks like), my kitchen/dining room has more black stuff (piano, artwork, frames, etc.). Anyway, I'll probably go with some darker wood, or a reddish wood frame. Like I said, Kohl's is great! ;-)

Tara said...

Very cool ideas! Love those big pictures.

Mrs. Enochs said...

I know someone who does virtual tours :) Me!

Shellee said...

I'm working on the book case today. We'll see how it turns out! ;-)

I just haven't done anything yet because I'd really like to get matching frames for the living room. All the frames I have are different shades of browns and reds, then I have a few blacks too. I don't like that anymore. I'd like it all to tie anyway, I'm working on it. When I have some money (which will be when??) I'll go out and buy matching frames. ;-)