Saturday, July 12, 2008


Here's a good gardening quote, "Knowing without doing is like plowing without sowing."

Here are some very basic weeding tips that I have found to be very effective:
1.  Get them when they are small.  It is easy when they are small, you simply need to move the soil around, loosening the weeds from the dirt.  That's it - the "dirt scramble".  Be careful when your veggies are young.  You don't want to loosen their root systems!
2.  Do it often.  It is nearly impossible to keep weeds from growing.  So, every time you are out in the yard with your kids, walk over to your garden and do the dirt scramble in a little section. 
 3.  Get it wet.  If you have a big weeding job to do, I have heard that getting the soil really wet helps (a day after a good rain is perfect!).  I wish I would have known this tip last year when my weeds overtook my pumpkins!  Wet soil will loosen the root systems and make your job a little easier.

Many weeds have the potential of robbing your veggies from valuable nutrients, and even from the sun if you let them get too big! There are lots of ways to deal with weeds, but this is what works for me. If your garden is big, or if you are in a time of life where weeding often isn't realistic, look into covering the soil around the plants with straw.

Do you have any weeding tips to share?