Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Table Setting

Last night I had a girl's night with the ladies in my family. I had so much fun setting the table so I thought I would share with you some of my ideas. I have place mats but they are very casual and I wanted a more formal look but didn't want to spend a lot of money so I decided to use scrap booking paper. I know what you are thinking "how does paper look formal?" But I thought it ended up looking really nice and Craft Warehouse has SO many great options..formal, funky, great designs, etc. The best part is that I am hoping to start a tradition with this idea and buy different paper for each dinner party and then use the same paper to scrapbook the event!

(I don't force people to sit where their name is, I just think name tags add a cute little touch

simple name tags tied with ribbon.
I like mixing papers that are different designs but in the same color scheme.

I bought fake gerber daisies and put them in a vase with the moss and wooden pine cones at the top. They are obviously fake flowers but again, they are inexpensive (Craft Warehouse has them 2 for $1) and I think they are cute. The tile is a wonderful gift my friend Alison gave me. She gave me the tile, stand and a dry erase pen. So I can write whatever I want on it! It's great!

The table
I like having a black tablecloth and white plates because it gives you a very basic table to dress up with accessories and color.
(excuse my wrinkled iron is broken)

Hope this gives some inspiration the next time you set a table for an event. Try new things and have fun with it.

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Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Aw, so cute and so fun! I'm sure your mom had a special day!

Jenne said...

Wow! I am totally impressed!!

And I was just thinking about all the other wonderful uses that tile could have... a special note left for my kids on the mornings I work, the verse we are working on that week, tonight's menu... lots of fun ideas!!

Faith said...

the tile IS so fun. I usually have a verse, quote or a note to my hubby! it's a great idea and I'm going to steal it for a gift idea:)

Megan said...

Pretty faith! Great idea. It is such a nice way to show someone you care. I am glad that the ladies in your family had a great time. Oh, and I am definitely using the scrapbook paper idea! Add some elegance and style at such a small price!

Ben & Tera said...

You are so creative, and I love how expensive it looks, with such a low price. No one would even know. Great ideas!

Tara said...

What an awesome looking table! I bet your mom loved it. The scrapbook paper idea is great! I love it!! Definitely using that one.

Megan said...

So very cute!

Wilson Family said...

Great Ideas! Thanks for sharing. I think I might just invest in a black table cloth, and a tile too!