Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Story of the week

It's my story, megan, one of the co-authors of this blog. I am a stay at home mom with a husband who is gone a lot right now. He works so hard to provide for our family, but sadly that means we don't get to see him much. I daily have two choices. To be bitter about life, frustrated that I am often raising our kids on my own (which is by the way a lie because I always have his support, prayers, and love), complain to my husband when he gets home, and let my frustration leek out to my kids, OR I can embrace this time and figure out how to be used by God in this situation. When I choose the latter, embracing and "blooming" in my circumstances, I see God using me. My times together with my husband are sweeter because they are few and far between. My evenings putting the kids to bed are blessings because it is in these tender moments that I see our relationship deepen. So, as hard as it is some days, I refuse to complain. I will not be enticed by the lie that "if only things were different I would be happy." I thank God for what He is teaching me and how He's growing me as I embrace each day and do my best to bloom.