Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Humor from Miss Manners

I am reading a book by Judith Martin called, "Miss Manners' Guide to Rearing Perfect Children". It is full of humor and good advice. I have only read a little bit but have already laughed out loud several times. Here is something that I could totally relate to, maybe you can too...

"An essential tool, for use in public, is the parental signal to the child that he is getting into trouble. One tries to avoid humiliating a child in front of others, although there is a stage in life when most children consider the mere fact of having parents to be humiliating, and not much can be done about that. Every parent should have a particular facial expression that looks pleasant to observers - it is usually some peculiar type of smile - but clearly conveys to the child that if he doesn't stop what he is doing this instant, the minute he is left alone with his parent, he is going to be sorry."

Top: "Just wait till the company leaves..."
Second: "We're thrilled and proud but we won't embarrass you by kissing you..."
Third: "Please tell your friends we don't do things like that"
Last: "Don't forget to say thank you..."


Ben & Tera said...

Megan, that is to cute. I love that. I have been trying out some of those faces on my kids. so far, it has not worked:(