Thursday, July 10, 2008

One of the many jobs of a wife

We get to choose how we treat our husbands, right? We choose our attitude toward them. We choose to be warm, loving and respectful or cold, rigid and disrespectful. How do you treat your man?

My husband currently has 2 jobs and works hard at both of those jobs without complaining. If anyone complains it is me. When Bryan first started working so many hours a week, I often felt sorry for myself. I was frustrated that I was home with the kids so much by myself, that some days I felt like a single mom. I would get angry when he would help someone with a project or yard work. I didn't like it when once in a blue moon he would go play tennis or golf with a buddy. I wanted him and his time all to myself which is very embarrassing to admit. I lost focus and forgot that he needs and deserves a little time to himself after a long week of hard work. And how could I get angry when he helped others? I should have been praising him for being so giving of his time when he had so little to give! I was just caught up in my anger I couldn't see past it. I soon realized if I didn't complain about these things and instead encouraged him to go do them that I got a much happier man in return, and was much more content and happy myself.

I'd like to think I have grown up a lot in our 5 years of marriage. One of the ways I feel I am constantly growing and learning is in the way I treat Bryan. I daily seek to respect him, uplift him, encourage him. I don't always do a very good job at these things but I know it is a process. I would encourage all of you wives out there to really examine the way that you treat your husband on a daily basis. Maybe you have a bad attitude towards him, maybe you have built up resentment, maybe you are a nag, maybe you're still angry because he didn't take out the garbage. As women we have a way of getting upset over stuff that really doesn't matter. I would encourage you to work through these things. It is true that we have so much power over the mood of our entire home and family. Do you want your husband to rush home because he can't wait to see you and spend time with you or do you want him to avoid coming home like the plague? I'll personally take the first choice!

Our husbands don't ask for much. They want to be fed and respected. They want to have fun with us, laugh with us and a few other things I won't mention!:) A little praise and admiration goes a long way with them. It's our choice to give them these things or not. Believe me when I say that if you at least try to do these things you will get SO much in return, it will blow you away. I hope this encourages us all to look at ourselves, our mood and the way we are affecting our families and homes.


Christy said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I love it!

I love this post because I am dealing with the husband working long hours right now. I am home with two children ages four and two and the hours can be so long! Thanks for the reminder that I need to be careful about my attitude towards my sweet husband.

Lauren said...
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