Friday, July 11, 2008

One for the vase

The main purpose of this website, Choose to Bloom, is to encourage us as women to embrace our current situations and to bloom right where God has us.  Constantly wishing for things to be better, easier, or different has the potential to cause a lot of bitterness in our hearts, and sadly we can miss precious moments and incredible opportunities happening around us!  Faith and I will be sharing a lot of what we are learning as we embrace where God has us, but we also hope to share stories from others who are encouraged to bloom.  We wanted to share an email we received last week.  We hope you are encouraged as much as we were by what Bridget has to say.  We would love to share your story as well so send it along (see side bar).  Embrace and bloom!

Hi Faith,

I really like yours and Megan's new blog. You guys have given me new encouragement to bloom where I'm planted. I'm over in Seoul, South Korea for at least 1 more year with the Army, and then maybe to Colorado (my husband might do grad school there), but only God knows. I have a deep desire to get back to the North West and start a family and a garden, but right now God has other plans. And I do complain a lot (about the lack of a yard, about the terrible driving, and how these people like to hawk up phlegm) and say all sorts of I wishes (for acreage, for the same friends year after year, and my list could go on).

But, I just wanted to thank you two and let you know that I'm enjoying having some kind of fellowship with some girls from home (even if it's over the internet). My roommate from college and I would have what we called "susie homemaker days", and I love reading your stories, so keep them coming!

BTW do you have any recipes? I'm always looking for easy and quick healthy dinners.

God Bless you!

(Bridget, we will post lots more recipes!  Thanks for reading and for allowing us to share this email with others.  I know it will be an encouragement to many.)