Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lessons from a weed

I spend a lot of time teaching my daughter to look at the bright side of situations.  You know that phrase, "don't cry over spilled milk"?  I literally had to teach my 2 year old (she is now 3) that spilling milk was nothing to cry about.  She spilled milk every morning for about two months before she finally saw that it wasn't the end of the world.  

But sometimes she teaches me to see the bright side.  With all the hours my husband is working right now, finding time to mow the lawn is tricky.  I would do it, but there isn't a good chance during the day while I am watching the kids to do that task.  So, the grass (which is mostly weeds right now) gets out of control.  My husband and I see ugly brown lawn with tall annoying weeds.  Our daughter runs outside with the happiest of all expressions and is thrilled about all the "wedding flowers" she gets to pick.  Thanks little one for helping us see the glass half full.  

It is a small thing to take joy in something like brown grass and weeds, but it is with these small lessons that God teaches us and prepares us for bigger ones.  


Faith said...

Thanks for the reminder Megan!