Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sometimes I dread things that really don't need to be dreaded.  Like the grocery store.  Or packing for vacation.  Or waking up with cranky kids who woke up too early this morning.  But I wanted to look at the good side of things today so I thought I would find the positive in all these things.

1.  The Grocery Store - It's not so bad.  Sometimes I see people I know, so that is fun.  OH, and it isn't the first of the month yet, so I can't even go today!  Ya, that's great :)

2.  Packing for vacation - That means that vacation is coming soon!  That's nothing to complain about!!  Sure packing is a little stressful and exhausting, but it is worth it to make the vacation extremely enjoyable!!

3.  Waking up with cranky kids - This is a tough one.  Um, they aren't cranky for too long.  And maybe this means early nap time, and then early bedtime!  And I'm looking at them right now, they are doing elephant noises back and forth to each other, laughing and having a great time.  I think I may join the fun.

So, what about you?  What are you dreading today and what's the positive about it?  Please share :)


Faith said...

I'm dreading cleaning my house. BUT it means we get to have Bryan's family over!

Jenne said...

DREAD is a little stronger of a word than i am feeling... I am exhausted just thinking about packing for vacation today... but, as you said, it means vacation is near.

Shellee said...

I'm not so excited about driving to naptime..... especially since the Squirrely got up extra early this morning and will NEED a nap at nap time.

The good - I'm going there to meet a lady (from Kelso, WA, she was at Edgefield for the Chris Isaac concert....pretty cool) to pick up a cheap swing set kit! It includes a lot of stuff and all we need to do is buy the lumber and my crafty husband will build the BEST PLAY STRUCTURE EVER!!

....and we won't have to pay $4000 for a Rainbow play structure!

keely steger said...

I'm dreading another late night for Charles, but I guess it means more time alone with Noah (trying to make that sound'd I do?). Plus, it means Thursday is almost here, and he gets home at 1:30 on those days! Hooray!

Greg and Andrea said...

I, too, am feeling stressed about packing for vacation and how I'm going to get it all done by tomorrow departure (yikes!) AND still be a nice mommy, but you've encouraged me this morning. Thanks!

Alison said...

I'm dreading our "buckling down" with Jack. We started today and he and I had a two hour standoff. I'm happy to say that I came out the victor. :)

Even though it's REALLY hard, I know that he'll be a better kiddo in the end.

Thanks for this. I really needed to reassure myself today.

Diane said...

I'm dreading cleaning out my office/scrapbook room but I know the results will be wonderful. I hate whole house is cluttered but one room at a time it will get done and I'll be a happy Mom and wife once again. :)
I'll be able to find the photos to scrapbook. YEA!