Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Choosing to bloom

Have you ever said to yourself, I would be so much happier if... if my husband was more of a leader, or if my kids were out of diapers, if my kids could be in private school, if my kids would quit whining, and the list goes on! The grass always seems greener on the other side. That kind of thinking leads to a lot of complaining, not to mention missing out on the good stuff from day to day!

Our challenge on this blog is to "bloom where we have been planted" and we welcome you to join us by reading along and sharing your stories. We (Megan and Faith) want to enjoy the phase of life we are in, and do our best each day to bloom where God has placed us. We will be sharing ways we are choosing to bloom from day to day, along with stories from other moms who are joining us in this journey. We will also be sharing decorating hints, gardening tips, recipes, helpful resources, funny stuff, and so much more. So, enjoy our website, come here often, smile about your current circumstance and choose to bloom!