Thursday, July 3, 2008

Art on a budget

On a tight budget? Can't afford the beautiful art work you see in the stores? Well, I have a very easy project that is fun to make and, I think, nice to look at! One evening while I watched a good movie, I took a stack of my House Beautiful magazines and started searching for beautiful designs, textures and colors. I tore out anything I liked and went back through my pile and started cutting out different sized squares and rectangles. I then took a large piece of cardboard and started randomly gluing down the pieces not knowing what I would end up with. I ended up with a fun collage that I decided to frame (with an old black frame we had in storage) and display. It's not Monet but I think it's different and fun to look at. And it cost me..oh, nothing! I even ended up doing a small, 5 x 7 of oranges, pinks, browns and blues from the same magazines for my daughter's room! So, find some magazines you have around your home and cut away!
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Megan said...

Ooh, Faith, I love that! And I love inexpensive (free!) home decor!

ang said...

You rule. SO EASY, and so cute. I think even I could do that!

-The Riegelmann Family- said...

I was so inspired that I made one of my own. I was also thinking that this would be a great way to use some of the paper scraps that I usually throw away when scrapbooking.