Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another closet organized

This is not a life changing post, the before and after picture aren't that drastic, but if you look really close you can see the simple yet effective changes I made to my "linen" closet.



Now, start at the top shelf. This is mostly my photo/video shelf. The grey box on the right holds greeting cards that are organized by category. This is a great thing to have for birthdays, weddings, etc. We buy cards on sale or I make cards and they are on hand when we need them. The maroon box is full of pictures. The Rubbermaid box on top is for Peyton's craft stuff, the one below that is full of old videos and pictures from high school (very embarrassing box) next to those are old yearbooks, photo albums and scrapbooks. Mainly stuff I don't look at too often but don't want out in storage.

Next shelf down is obviously towels. I don't know why we have so many colors and sizes but we do and it makes a huge difference to have them stacked and folded neatly. In about 2 weeks they will be shoved in there like a big mess but for now, they look nice!

Next shelf is bathroom stuff and decorating stuff. The metal container on the right holds my candles and other little things for decorating.

Next one is obviously movies, I like to have them lined up somewhat by category. On the left I have TV shows on DVD (notice my Little House on the Prairie collection..only 5 seasons to go:), then comedies, chick flicks and action/boy flicks on the right. This helps when we go look for a movie knowing what genre we are in the mood for.

The bottom area is for scrap booking/crafting supplies. The tall Rubbermaid in the middle is my "fire box" even though it is not fire proof:) but it is the container I would grab in case of an emergency. It has our wedding picture negatives, other negatives, all of our home videos and CD's of all of our digital pictures. (I store my digital pictures on my camera for a month, at the end of the month I make sure they are all on the computer and then I delete from my camera to make room for the next month. After about 2 or 3 months I make a CD. If anything happened to our computer I would DIE if I didn't have these discs. That would be 2 years of LOST photos!!) The grocery bag (lovely I know) is our gift bag. Inside are things we collect or buy through out the year that can be saved as presents..there are some sweet Starbucks mugs in there that you'd be lucky to get!! It's just great for last minute gifts or during a month where there are lots of bdays on not so much money:) Don't worry, we don't re-gift...too often:) hehe

And now you know what is in my linen closet and how I organize it. About every month I have to redo it because over time, when I'm in a hurry random things get shoved in there:) Oh and a fun idea if you have an ugly linen closet door like we did (thanks 70's) we took the door off and put a curtain there instead. It's much more cute and we don't deal with a squeaky door anymore:)
(sorry that was such a long post)
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Anonymous said...

great job!

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Megan said...

Nice Faith! Funny, I have that exact same linen closet at my house (it isn't as organized) with only one shelf that actually holds linens, then movies on one shelf, etc. Quite lovely, glad that we are together organizing what is behind the curtain/door!

Tara said...

Looks great! My linen closet seems to need organizing about once a month too! Love the curtain idea in place of the door too!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Hello ladies! I gave you a bloggie award on my site! Drop by to pick it up! :)

Pleasant Drive said...

Don't you love organization! It makes my whole life feal peaceful when my home is organized. Good job!

Nikki said...

You did a great job!

Megan said...

Hey Faith, you should store your little paints in that basket upside down so that you can see the colors and not have to dig through everything in order to find the right color. :) Well, unless they would leak...

Diane said...

I love seeing the baby exporing the closet. As much as it would frustrate me at the time, I miss those days of my babies exploring the world around them.